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Idea Submission

Postby Aleron Ives » Thu Jun 05, 2008 11:20 pm

This forum section is for ideas which will be ported to every version possible, depending on the Episode used. If you wish to talk about quests for specific versions, see the Quest subforum for that version to look at criteria a quest must meet to be considered to be deliberately withheld from porting.


If you suggest quests like this, your idea will be ignored. Don't suggest retarded things.

  • Quests that are for the sole purpose of making hunting any item easier. This includes quests with set rare enemies as well as massive amounts of one enemy.
  • Quests that are mindless monster spams. The odds of us accepting more quests like this are slim. Go play an Endless Nightmare.
  • Quests for the sole purpose of releasing item X. If we want to release a new item and want idea submissions for a quest to release that item, we'll ask.

That being said...


If you suggest quests like this, you may pique our interest.

  • Quests that appeal the the broadest audience possible. More people can play Episode I than Episode II or IV, and more people can play Episode II than Episode IV. Since creating a quest takes a lot of time and effort, it's easier to put the time in when you know more people will be playing (and we hope enjoying) what you create.
  • Quests that shake things up. We have plenty of quests which feature just killing things, but not as many quests that have killing while something else is going on. Take Fragments of a Memory, which is mostly killing but throws in timers and ghosts to make things more difficult. Some advanced things we may not know how to do yet, but chances are if Sega did it, we can figure out how it works.
  • Quests that use maps differently. PSO has a limited number of maps for each area. Each map is a specific room configuration where room of size/shape A leads to room/hallway of size/shape B. Because PSO is limited in this way, what gets placed in each map and where players start and where they must move to is how to make each quest different. Using warps, backtracking, and other things to make quest A different from quest B is key.

At some point I may post copies of each map so people can get a better idea of what we have to work with.

Also keep in mind that while our quest editor is advanced, we aren't Sega and we don't know how everything works. We have to reverse engineer everything ourselves so we may need time to figure out how to do any particular idea that's given. Be flexible and willing to change your idea(s) to fit what PSO can and cannot do and what we know how to make PSO do. :P
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