PSO Downloads for All Platforms

PSO:Blue Burst


Schtserv Full Installer

This is the full installer. By default, it will install in your C:\ root dir. If, for some reason, you do not have a C:\ can choose to install in any directory you wish. 



PSO: PC v2 Clients

All in one Online and game patch
This is a  custom online and pso.exe used to connect to this server. This is not the full game. It include the vista/win7/win10 patch, the option allow to register a serial/access and to select fullscreen or windowed.

You will need a clean install of PSO Ver 2 for PC to use these clients, as it is only the game exe (pso.exe), not the data files.


Full Game and patch
This is the full game in a zip file, just extract in a folder and run the online.exe. Make sure to proprely set your serial and options.



PSO Dreamcast V1 and V2

Codebreaker VMI file
Codebreaker VMS file
This is a DC VMI+VMU save file that contains the needed codes to connect to our server with the Codebreaker cheat disc.


Boot disk to patch any version
This boot disk allow you to load any GDRom version of the game and patch it to connect on this server. Burn it using diskJuggler or ISOBurner


Download: Tools

You can patch a PSO PC Ver 2 client with any IP using this program.


Texture Package Manager/Viewer V0.9 
This tool allow you to open almost all pso pc/bb texture file and see them.


Qedit 2020 Latess release
The latess update of Qedit, contain the old version qedit.exe for compatibility just in case and the new updated qeditUni.exe


QeditUni EXE    (Source code)
This is a rebuild of the exe with native unicode support and some bug fix. The source code version can be build with the latess version of Delphi 10.3 community edition (free). Just put the exe in the qedit folder and run it.


Note: In order to extract the patches listed above, you will need a decompression program such as WinRAR.