Schtserv Server Rules

 These rules apply to ALL versions of PSO.

We have some ground rules to make the game playable and fun for everyone, and they are categorized by severity level.

A. The Following conducts or problems are permanent banneable offenses.

***This will be punished inmediatly with total expulsion from our game server, forum and discord with no chance of returning to our sites marking you as a person listed as ban on sight. Including but not limited to:

* Sexual harrassament in all the known ways and forms.

* Racism.

* Flaming.

* The use of hacks to harm the server such as Fsod and DDOS attacks.

* Impersonating a Staff Member

* Cheating/Hacking/Duping

* Theft of quest files or other server related files.

B. The Following conducts or problems are subject to a temporary ban. Including but not limited to:

* Witch hunts

* False accusations

C. The following conducts or problems are kickable offenses with a chance of 3 for you to fix the conduct before applying a temporary ban. Including but not limited to:

* Spam

* Offensive names

D. PSO Drama:

*Dramatic situations need to be handled carefully to ensure everyone has a peaceful environment to play in. Such situations will be handled with varying severity levels and will be determined by staff at time of issue.

For example:

-a. If the drama being caused is tolerable, the individual will be warned and have a chance to stop. If they do not, they will be kicked 3 times before a temporary ban will be applied in accordance with the server rules. If it still does not stop, further action may be necessary such as a permanent ban.

-b. If the drama causes harassment or flaming of another individual, or false accusations, this is severe enough to warrant a permanent ban.

-c. If the drama is an immediate issue and is serious, an immediate temporary ban may be applied.


* No item stealing. If items get stolen, report it, and a GM will come by and ask for the items to be returned. Failure to co-operate will result in a ban.

This server is meant for all ages of people, so no sexual content. This includes messages, character/room names, and symbol art. This falls under the "sexual harassment" category and will result in a ban on sight / Permanent Ban.

Respect staff members. They keep the server functioning, safe, and well-informed. You can tell them from their colored names. Wiki members are pink, and Game Moderators (GMs) are orange.

GMs also have orange arrows on their names, which they can toggle, and can also display a banner message stating "[Player] is a GM" across the top of the screen for the entire ship. There are no GM special effects either.

Hacking Policy:

Cheating/Hacking of any kind on all versions of PSO is not tolerated. If you are found cheating/hacking you will be permanently banned. No exceptions.

Cheating and hacking is not allowed, despite this there's specific things the server does allow. The GC platform is host to many patches and AR codes that are QoL in nature. We believe in these systems and don't want to interfere with them. Thusly, the following is allowed and is NOT considered cheating/hacking or in violation of the policy:

  • Any and all patches/AR codes that are improving the Quality of Life for the game, primarily granted in increased utility and internal game systems such as enemy health bars, rare item drop noises, Gibarta patch, etc.  The following files (but not limited to) are not allowed to be tampered with: ItemPT, ItemRT, ItemPMT. The executable file for PSOX and PSOGC may only be changed with the previously mentioned quality of life patches.
  • Anything that affects only the player in question's experience, all of which must only enhance that specific player. 


A flagged player's name is colored dark yellow. Don't mistake them for a GM's orange name.***

If you believe you were wrongly flagged (either by a GM or automatically), you can contest it via a DM with an Admin. (Nol, Kayak, or YetAnotherAdmin.)

If your account has been tagged has been proven to have seen activity that counts as hacking/cheating/duping, your account will be permanently banned.



With the addition of PSOX on the horizon,  we have some new rules to add to the list

One point we wish to stress first is that Client alterations on either platform for Episode I & II are allowed but only if its cosmetic. Client changes that affect general gameplay of yourself & other users are not allowed and include but are not limited to the following (and are subject to change over time):

  • Modification of drop charts
  • Modification of damage output (i.e one hit kills or significant ATP modification)
  • Modification of the game's internal structure, weapons, or the attack speed of yourself and other players
  • The creation of new weapons & hacking existing weapons while also distributing them to other players

Those found in violation of these rules may be subject to any of the following, though not limited to:

  • Temporary ban
  • Permanent ban 

For those interested in modifying their game on a client side level only, Schtserv does allow GC and future Xbox players to modify their game by the use of officially released patches done by other members of the community (see Aleron Ive's suit of official GC patches available for download) and to a much lesser extent AR codes that accomplish the same thing.

The Photon Lab: The Photon Lab (TPL) is a server feature that is a quest in nature but allows access to a server side bank that allows you to store up to 2 billion meseta and tools (grinders, mats, etc) on said bank.

Use of the server feature known as The Photon Lab is a server feature provided to players by Schthack PSO server and maintains the following guidelines/rules:

  • Direct usage of TPL is tied specifically to Schthack PSO servers access, therefore access to materials stored in this way will become terminated if the player in question is banned from the server. Schthack staff are by no means responsible for the restoration of these materials.
  • TPL is not meant to be abusable. Any hacking of materials or meseta can be detected and mass quantity depositation may be subject to review and restriction by server Staff; Hysteria, Pheonixmog, Apostle, Kayak & Nol. Abusing this quest to store materials obtained through cheating may result in the restriction of operation of TPL or account termination.

The Gallon's Shop Roulette: The roulette is a system that when funded by Lucky Coins can result in obtaining of some very powerful and high hit gear. On Schthack, the Gallon's Shop Roulette system is tracked by the server.

Use of the Roulette must adhere to the following guidelines/rules:

  • Acquisition of Lucky Coins must be legitimate and we can and will track the usage of Lucky Coins over time by every person. Abusing the patch systems to duplicate server sided Lucky Coins to obtain high volumes of weapons is not tolerated and can be a bannable offense; the punishment is subject to any GM available at the time under server Admin guidance; Hysteria, Pheonixmog, Apostle, Kayak & Nol.

As we continue to work hard in maintaining this server's legitimacy while keeping it fair for versions that are more known for hacking and modifications, we ask that players also do the same in attempting to keep the legitimacy of other player's experiences intact while playing on Schthack PSO. Thank you for your cooperation.