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      Stay up to date with the latest developments in the SCHTSERV network.

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    1. Schtserv General

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      Talk about or games here

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    2. Introduce Yourself

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      Hey there everyone! If you see this topic, then congratulations. You are starting to figure out how this all works. If you wish to, feel free to say hello so we know you better.

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    3. Suggestions

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      Have somebody that you REALLY think would be a good fit for the team? Do you wish to mention some ideas you think would benefit us? Mention it here.

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    1. Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst

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      Talk here about Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst

      1. Item Exchange
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    2. Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2

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      Talk here about Phantasy Star Online for Nintendo Game Cube & Xbox

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    3. Phantasy Star Online Episode 3 C.A.R.D. Revolution

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      Talk here about Phantasy Star Online Episode III for Nintendo Game Cube

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    4. Phantasy Star Online Ver2.

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      Talk about the original game on Dreamcast

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    1. Español

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      ¿Hablas Español? ¡Únete y comparte tus experiencias de PSO con compañeros de ideas afines en tu idioma!

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    2. Português

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      Fala Português? Participe e compartilhe suas experiências de PSO com colegas que pensam como você no seu idioma!

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    3. Français

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      Parlez Français? Rejoignez et partagez vos expériences PSO avec des pairs partageant les mêmes idées dans votre langue !

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    4. Deutsch

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      Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Machen Sie mit und teilen Sie Ihre PSO-Erfahrungen mit Gleichgesinnten in Ihrer Sprache!

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    1. The Hunters Guild Discord

      The veterans from PSOGC will answer all your doubts about Phantasy Star Online EP 1&2 and Episode 3.

    2. PSOBB Official Schtserv Site

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      Game Information, Client Downloads, News and Updates in the official microsite for our PSOBB server.

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