Multi Team FAQ

Q: What is multi team?

A: Multi team is a feature that allows us to have more than 4 players play a quest.

Q: How many teams can be linked?

A: 3 teams can be linked for a total of 12 players in a single quest.

Q: What information is shared between the teams?

A: The following can be shared, but can differ on a quest per quest basis:

Door switches/locks

Player chat (not symbol chat or word select)

Registers via sync_register

Player position (represented by a particle effect and color)

Monster damage, and status such as freeze, paralysis, and shock. Other objects that are shared that have an HP such as temple walls, targetable objects etc.

Q: If a player in another team dies, can I revive them?

A: No, you cannot use items or cast any techniques on a player not in your team.

Q: How do drops work for each team?

A: The leader of each individual team controls the drops.

Q: What/who is the Captain?

A: The Captain is the leader of the team that initiates the link join code for the other teams to join.

Q: What is the Captain's role?

A: The captain will decide how many teams will get linked, and will also control the starting of the quest.

Q: Where can I find the quests compatible with multi team?

A: There is a quest section called Multi-Team, all available multi team quests are there.

Q: Can quest X be converted for multi team?

A: Some quests will be more suitable that others to be converted to multi team. The quest itself has to be modified in such a way that makes the linking possible.

Q: Will there be quests that are only available in multi team?

A: Yes.

Q: Do all the linking teams have to be in the same difficulty?

A: Yes, all must be in the same difficulty.

Q: Will monster stats be modified?

A: Monster stats will be modified for Ultimate only.

Q: Do the teams have to be in the same drop mode?

A: No, the drop mode can differ between teams.

Q: How come more than 12 players isnt possible?

A: This feature takes up many registers in the quest file, being that there are only a limited amount to use, we had to make a cap.

Q: Will I be able to link with a Blue Burst team?

A: Eventually yes, but not at the current time.

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