Welcome to the New Schtserv Forums & Portal!

Hello everyone, on behalf of the whole Schtserv Team I'm proud to announce the opening of our brand new forums, this time we've decided to migrate everyone from the old InvisionBoard forums to PHPBB for performance and security reasons, there's still a couple of hiccups here and there you might notice as we are still giving the final touches to this installation.

The forums are divided now in the main Portal area which you will find at a quick glance the Latest News, access to MyHL to register your hunter licenses and various information blocks displaying the current status of the server and the current players playing across all our ships alongside links to the most requested resources such as connection guides and client downloads. Then you have the main forum area which we revamped entirely removing unneeded forums and attempting to streamline the experience as much as we could in simple boards for each one of the games, alongside multi language boards for our friends in other countries.

Currently, it is possible to login with your previous credentials from the former forums but in case you can please request a new password by clicking on "I've forgot my password" and then login as usual. You might need to update your profile information as well.

We hope you like these new changes as continue working to improve your PSO experience playing with us.