Photon Lab Features


This quest will be available for Gamecube on June 25th 2021. It will be available for Xbox when Insignia launches, and will be available sometime later for Blue Burst.

As of current release, you can use the server bank to store up to 2 billion per item per guild card.

For Gamecube & Xbox if you have matching Guild Cards on different memory cards or Xbox Live Accounts (Xbox), you can freely deposit and withdraw between them.

If you are caught abusing the server bank in any way shape or form, you will lose access to the quest and its future features.


Previously, before this quest release, backups regarding server flags have only been performed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Once this quest releases, backups will be performed daily, much like Blue Burst Data is.

**Quest Information**

The quest has 2 additional features to offer, other than basic enemy part conversion, and the server bank, which are listed below.

The server bank allows you to store 2 billion of each specific item per guildcard:


All 7 material types (Power, Mind, Defense, HP, TP, Evade, and Luck)

All 3 Grinder types (Monogrinder, Digrinder, and Trigrinder)

Photon Drops

Scape Dolls

In order to use the "Max" withdraw feature for grinders and materials, you need to have at least (30) stored in the server bank. It will then fill your inventory with however much space you have.

Trading function in the server bank. You'll be able to trade up to 20 items at a time with another player in the same game. The trading function will not work if there isn't exactly 2 players in the quest.

For the enemy part conversion:

Standard conversion will be available at launch (Turning an enemy part into a 0% weapon)

Advanced Conversion: In order to use this, you must obtain the Photon Cube, which has a rare chance of dropping in the quest The Eternal. In order to play The Eternal, you need to have completed Memory of the Hero.

The chances for the Photon Cube to drop in The Eternal are as follows. You get 5 chances per run. You must talk to Montague in The Eternal in order to have the chance to obtain the photon cube.

10F: 1%

20F: 3%

30F: 5%

40F: 7%

50F: 10%

Upon obtaining the Photon Cube, it is saved to your guild card #. It allows you to make enemy part weapons with hit. You must bring Montague in the photon lab 2 of the same enemy part to make 1 weapon with hit. Hit is random and ranges from 10-50% increasing in increments of 10. The cube can only be obtained once. Upon using it, it needs to recharge for 3 real time hours. The chances for each hit % are as follows.

10 Hit: 25%

20 Hit: 30%

30 Hit: 20%

40 Hit: 15%

50 Hit: 10%

Schtserv Coins are used for Features #3, #4, #5, & #6. They can be earned in the New Event Series Hide & Seek, Memory of the Hero (1 time token award), or Schtserv Test #1 - #4. You get Tokens upon completion of Part 4.

Feature #3: Token Exchange: Exchange tokens for various items; Materials, Grinders, Lucky Coins, and more! Token costs are variable, the cheapest trade is 2 Schtserv Tokens.

Current Options are:

Power Materials

Mind Materials

Luck Materials

HP Materials

TP Materials

Special Event Ticket* : (limited 1 every 14 days)

Lucky Coins

Photon Drops


?????????* : Only appears under certain circumstances (limited to 1 every 60 days)

* - These items can only be purchased once within the time specified. The time is tracked by your guild card. If a user has multiple guild cards then they are not allowed to buy additional ones on their other guild cards. If they do, it will be removed and the tokens may or may not be refunded.

Feature #4: Photon Roulette allows a special to be added to a non rare weapon that has no special. Cost is 2 Schtserv Tokens per weapon. The specials given are random, here's the following possible specials you can roll.














Feature #5: Mag Paint Shop, this allows you to change the color of your mag. It must be Level 200. It must not have 0 DEF. It will also add a 3 PB to a mag assuming it only has 2 PBs. Otherwise the mag made is identical other than the chosen color being changed. All 18 MAG colors are available. It costs 1 Schtserv Token.

Feature #6: Events inside Photon Lab itself. As of this current edit, the only one available is called The Golden Road. If completed, it gives the player a lot of experience points! Be careful if you die though, you'll be booted out and you'll lose your tickets! It costs 6 Schtserv Tokens.

Feature #7: A very skilled Tekker

Special Examination (Scans an untekked non rare weapon and returns the base special on it)

Advanced Examination (as in video below)

This is known as the "perfect tekk", It will increase the base special on a non rare weapon by +1 (where applicable) and also do the +10 % on all %s (where applicable). It will cost 30,000 Meseta that you would have stored in the server bank.

Sword Examination will tell the player how many kills they have on their Sealed J Sword. The option does nothing if they dont have a SJS in their inventory.

Feature #8: Unit Alchemist

The Unit Alchemist will take the special currency to modify the unit for you, with a increasing chance to BE DESTROYED as it attains perfection. For those who are familiar with PSU's Grinder system, that is what I modeled this after.

He can improve your units to ++ versions of them. Note that each unit has a different cost of Schtserv Tokens to upgrade. Below is a list of the possible upgradeable units.

The order of upgrading goes as such: Normal, --, -, +, and finally ++

**God Units**

















God/Ability and Perfect/Resist require special criteria to upgrade: Ability requires ++s of Power, Body, Mind, Arm, Legs, Luck. Perfect requires Burning, Blizzard, Storm, Holy, Devil, and TP.

Because of this, God/Ability & Perfect/Resist will cost more Schtserv Tokens to upgrade.