PSO 1&2 wii

Hey guys I’m new to this. Played this game a lot as a kid but never had the chance to play online. I currently own a physical gamecube copy which I play on my Wii. I’ve watched a bunch of videos showing how to play it on homebrew and also how to set it up to play on this server. Can I play on your server using my physical copy without homebrew? Just set up the server connections? Just trying to learn all this stuff. Also I would like to know how to download the iso so I could set it up on homebrew for my brother since he does not own the game. Thanks for any help.

Re: PSO 1&2 wii

Hello, you must softmod your wii to play online. The Wii (in GC mode) does not detect that a BBA is hooked up to the console so you can't access the settings.

Feel free to look at the connection guides which are found in the 3 tabbed button on the top right of the forum, or join our GC discord community.