Ok so bb and gc pso work fine online,BUT can't get back online with my DREAMCAST help!?

So I'm a pso addict I've been playing pso2 recently I decided to play some old school pso, my GameCube with bba works fine when I put the schthack addy in. But I must be doing something wrong with Dreamcast ?? I can't get it to go online I get the check your internet provider message. Can some one tell me where exactly in the planetweb 3.0 options to put the schthack server address in on Dreamcast? Like a picture of the Dreamcast internet setup page with the correct IP address in the correct spot would be most helpful. I just can't get my Dreamcast back online no matter what I do. Btw I have the original USA pso and pso ver2 , but I'm trying to connect with a burnt to CDR pal version ( because that is the version that worked years back for me and also my Dreamcast does not want to even read and launch USA ver2 for some reason, ANY HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED! TYVM