Re: PSOBB: Known Issues Thread

Thank you for your answer! Unfortunately, this solution didn't solve the problem for me :/ I tried to set the resolution at the lowest value and even set graphics on low tier and the crash still happens. I have an AMD GPU, could it be some kind of incompatibility ?
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Re: PSOBB: Known Issues Thread

Hey all!
Having a crashing issue. I can get the game to work for about 5 minutes and then the game will crash without any notification/error message etc.
Here are my settings below:

Game Settings (Current, tried multiple variations nothing seems to change. Changed resolution to lowest, windowed, and normal graphics):
Color 32Bit
Wait V-Sync
High End
Sound On
Font Tahoma
Save Id and Password

Executable Settings:
Compatibility Disable Fullscreen Optimizations
Note: Tried compatibility in windows 8, 7, and XP no difference

PC Specs:
Windows 11 Pro X64
13th GEN I7
AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB
Driver Version: 24.2.1

Error Log Info(PSOBB Log Folder):
N/A Blank

It was resolved.
I wanted to rule out hardware first so I uninstalled and re-installed the game to an all new drive installed into my PC. This did nothing. The issue resumed. I know the game was not overworking other PC components according to my PC's diagnostics while the game was running. This meant it was software related.
I booted my PC into safe mode and enabled/executed one program on my PC at a time that would normally be running in the background. I did this because I noticed the game was closing rather than crashing. There were no errors, no crash logs so I thought it had to be something on my own PC causing an issue, not the game itself. After just a couple of programs it turns out it was Webroot closing the game, EVEN after I speifically allowed the executable in its permissions.
Just a PSA to all who use Webroot on your gaming PC, it may be causing the same issue for you.