2024 Schtserv Summer Event

It is once again that time!

For GC, Xbox & BB versions:

Players will be hunting Disk Volume #4 & Disk Volume #5! They drop from any monster on Ragol and on every difficulty. Drop rates for them will improve the higher the difficulty. Rates will be listed below per difficulty. These items do not drop from boxes! Similarly to the Valentine's Event, the entire party will be credited for finding one of the items regardless of who picks it up.

Keep a lookout for these items, they look different from the traditional green tool box.
(View this page for additional information https://gc.schtserv.wiki/index.php/Seasonal )

Once the event is active, you can type /summer at any time to view your totals for your disks. (sorry southern hemisphere players)

This event will be live for the entire month of June, the Summer Exchange Quest will go live sometime in early July and will be active until end of September.

Prize List for GC|XBOX
Receive 5 Disk 4s for 1 Disk 5
Receive Amp of Shifta for 15 Disk 4s
Receive Amp of Deband for 15 Disk 4s
Receive 30H Sonic Knuckle for 25 Disk 4s
Receive 30H Branch of Paku Paku for 25 Disk 4s
Receive 60H Egg Blaster for 5 Disk 5s
Receive Level 0 Chao (MLG) for 40 Disk 4s
Receive 5 Tokens for 15 disk 4
Bulk 30 Tokens for 15 Disk 5s
Receive 1 Photon Sphere for 225 Disk 4s
Receive a Cure/Freeze for 4 Disk 5s
Receive a God/Body++ for 10 Disk 5s
Receive a God/Luck++ for 10 Disk 5s
Receive a Resist/Burning++ for 10 Disk 5s

Prize List for BB
5 Disk 4s - 1 Disk 5
Amp of Shifta - 15 Disk 4s
Amp of Deband - 15 Disk 4s
Amp of Resta - 15 Disk 4s
30H Sonic Knuckle - 25 Disk 4s
30H Branch of Paku Paku - 25 Disk 4s
20H Rambling may - 5 Disk 5s
60H Egg Blaster - 5 Disk 5s
Parts of Robochao - 10 Disk 4s
Cure/Freeze - 4 Disk 5s
Heavenly/Body - 10 Disk 5s
Heavenly/LUCK - 10 Disk 5s

Drop rates for Disk Volume 4

Normal: 1/240

Hard: 1/190

Very Hard: 1/140

Ultimate 1/90

Drop rates for Disk Volume 5

Normal: 1/350

Hard: 1/300

Very Hard: 1/250

Ultimate: 1/200