Issues with freezing online

Hi guys, so I joined the server a few years back and used to play kn laptop with the bridge and TAP adapter etc, but I came back recently and found out about the new setup and not needing that anymore.

So I got set up on my phone with thr dolphin app and got everything connected and working, I can now play online anywhere anytime on my phone! Class!

But my issue is that when I'm playing online the game will completely freeze and I have to restart the emulation, and I can't download the anti-loss item patch because it's not for dolphin. I've only been able to get 10 minutes max so far and it's frustrating so I've just been progressing offline so far.

So does anyone else have the same issue and has worked out a solution? Or are we just waiting for a patch for the app? Because I'd love to get online again with a group once I'm a bit more levelled up.