How to play on PC V2

In this tutorial i will explain how to play PSO PC v2 on SchtServ.

First you need to get a few things:

  • The game install or ISO, you can find it on google
  • The all in one launcher and patch from the download section :
  • A MyHL account

We will start by creating/registering your serial for PSO PC.

First log into your MyHL on the main page:

then at the top right, you should see the "add" button



Click on it to open the register window



1 - select PSO PC from the list

2 - enter your serial if you have one, else leave empty the server will then generate one

3 - enter your 8 characters password

4 - click create


Once created, the new serial will apear in your list


keep it in note with your password for later.



Next is to install the game if it's not already.

Then extract the All in one Online and game patch[/size] into your PSO folder

You should have to replace 2 files, online.exe and pso.exe , this is fine they have to be replaced.

Once done you can start the online.exe and you should get this menu:


Click on the option button, this will allow you to setup your preference for the game and also your serial/pass



Setup your Graphic and sound, then click on "Set/Edit serial" to enter your information


Type the newly created/registred serial there and the password for it, then click OK

* If you have already an other information registred, it will apear there, dont change it unless you want to "break" your existing characters.

Now the information apear in the previous screen, you can click "Save" to complete the setup.


You are now ready to play online, using the Online Play option in the Launcher.
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