TerraLuna is the official Ep3 test ship. Report bugs here!

TerraLuna is now the up to date ship for Episode III progress. Any casual games and testing you do should be done here.

If you encounter any bugs, errors, or incorrect results in-game, report them here with as much detail as possible. If you want to help test card abilities, follow the link in my Signature and enable the "Needs Testing" filter near the top to see exactly what we're looking for.

To save time however, here is a list of known problems off of the top of my head:

  • NPCs may sometimes act twice in succession. If this happens in Set phase, a 'ghost' card may be summoned that wont show up properly until the first card is destroyed.
  • Player sides are hardcoded as 1P+2P vs 3P+4P, instead of whichever side you choose during deck selection. This matters for where Arkz can summon creatures.
  • Status effects do not work. If you see status effects at all, you are bugged and should go to the lobby/back in the game.
  • 4P shouldn't use assist cards, there are problems with 1P's health value when they do. If you put an NPC here, make sure they don't have Assists.
  • Combat damage is computed as soon as you select the target of your attack, not when the attack actually happens on screen, so if your target changes for some reason (like a shield breaking and the attack going through to a weapon) any skills that affect damage will still assume you are targeting the original card and not be updated.
  • Any player's 6th/7th/8th card slots won't function.
  • Defense cards and character movement can stack on the same target card/space if done simultaneously, the server doesn't deny the second request
  • Incoming damage during defense phase may display incorrectly before Def cards are selected, then do the correct amount when it actually hits. Try to do your own combat math before selecting Def cards.
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