PSOBB: Known Issues Thread

Hello everyone,

As many of you know we just opened the new server with a 100% pure vanilla experience based on PSOBB JP, however despite our best efforts testing as much as we could. There's a chance that some bugs might had slipped through the cracks.

If that's the case and you find something weird in-game, please report it on this thread I will be updating the list of known issues as we confirm if its a bug or not and proceed to fix it up in subsequent patches.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Re: PSOBB: Known Issues Thread

So i think the staff is well aware of something making the game crash when loading quests, no error messages tho the client just shutdown completely. It can happen several times in a row even when you've just opened the game. Seems to be more frequent as you play or spend time on lobby.

Just now i was on lobby for about 15 minutes and tried to run RT on Ult, turns out i was moved to Pioneer 2 (EP I) near 3 NPC characters, one was Gallon floating next to the Pumpkins and the other two was a girl (twins/duplicated) with blue hair and a small hat. There were several warps through Piooner but none working properly.

This wasn't the first time being stuck in a empty Piooner with no NPCs and proper warps. Also doing Gov Quests happenned that i was stuck inside the Principal's Office. I tried to get out but you gotta talk to Irene, even tho she wasn't there. So the game just kept turning me back to talk to her when i tried to get past both the "invisible" scientist NPCs.

Of course the odds are very low for the last two, but for the game crashing it just keeps happening no matter what i change in my personal configurations, video card, cpu, the client itself, running on compatibility mode, reinstalling, deleting game files and forcing it to download again, etc.

I'm doing several tests regarding this crash subject in the hope i can find something that isn't related to the server, it's files or the client.

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Deux wrote: Fri Oct 28, 2022 12:17 pm Seems to be more frequent as you play or spend time on lobby.
Definitely untrue, I've never experienced this bug before (the RT bug). I've experienced crashing before, but often times only due to the game just having an occasional hiccup here and there. It is a 16 year-old port after all.

If you've encountered issues with sitting in Pioneer 2 once you've loaded into some one's room or your own room its typically either lag at the player's fault or a complete game desync at the game's fault which usually requires a room remake or your internet connection to be checked.

In regards to the crashing, as I say the game is 16 years old so it's going to crash every now and then. It's not like PSOBB was a particularly stable port anyways.
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So as i said, i've done several tests and four had more impact, i did all four at once and began the test. I'm playing for over 3 hours without a single client crash. I can't say which really did help but somehow it did. First thing was disabling a Windows feature that tries to fix blurry screens, it seems that screen options really mess with the game. Just try to change resolutions or the monitor FPS and boom the game crashes. So i disabled this feature.

Second thing was changing my monitor FPS from 60 FPS to 59 FPS. As said, trying everything.

Third thing was a setting in my video card making the screen "Proportional" to the resolution and not stretching it to "Full Screen". If any passive adjustment the system is doing to the screen is causing crashes then i will just try to make things "fixed" and "less balanced". So i changed it to "Full Screen".

Fourth and last, but not less important, was disabling entirely my firewall. Loading quests means acessing game files and being connected to the internet still, any blocks with this bridge can cause a mess in any game. And no, just adding the client to the Exception List wasn't sufficient.

That's for people having the same problem, i could mostly do one quest and alone before crashing. Going for parties was always frustating as people were always waiting for me to be able to load the quest without issues.

Edit#1: I've completely deleted the Game Guard files and made the game download it again. That was the last thing i did before starting the tests that lead me to glory and victory with the crashes.

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Im glad it worked out for you so far, PSOBB is very strict with execution so the least addons and processes running on Windows in the background the better.

We are currently testing a new client build that might help mitigate those crashes even further but as a general rule we do all the testing in barebone Windows installations.