2022 recap

2022 ends and we are about to hop into 2023, I would like to take that oportunity to make a recap of the previous year and all the stuff that happened here! First we had the implementation of the Multi-team system currently used on a few quests for Gamecube & Xbox, this feature allow players to play with others teams in co-op or against each other. There are only a few quests avaible at the moment but there is more to come! Kayak being tired of managing the Mini event Ticket system, begged me to make it automatic. The server now keeps track of the ticket on PSO GC/XBOX and allow you to spend them using the /event command. Lot of translation has been made, mainly to the ship welcome message and JP version of Survey Corps and Ghost Collective.

So far we speak alot about GC side of PSO, what about Blue Burst ? Well this version had some rollercoaster and with Varista leaving the stering wheel, it was decided to revert back to a vanilla version. I belive this was for the best and will be more easy to maintain. The changes includes a new launcher with a cleaned client, this part wasnt easy as it was tampered a lot over the years. Proper progression trought the GOV quests and finaly a real implementation of the team system. With this we have a good base for 2023 !

Insignia also made us a nice gift releasing their beta version of OG XBLive allowing many Xbox player to join the fun on PSOX. Work began on it in 2021 and is now prety stable. Over 700 xbox tag logged online to play. There are still some things to fix for 2023 like the lobby voice chat.

Episode 3 wasn't left alone either, we had our very first tournament managed by Capsule, a dedicated ep3 player. We also fixed many cards, added auction support thx to Fuzziqer finds, not to mention, full tournament support is almost completed !

With all this, what's left for the next year? Plenty!

Along with Ep3 tournament stuff, Kayak and his Bobs are working on new quests, events and feature ideas for GC/Xbox side. BB will get more quests and event. The PC and DC V2 version are still supported and if any request are made i will be happy to look at it. Schtserv will also be 20 years old in december so we are working on something to celebrate!

This conclude this recap! Wish you all an happy 2023 and thank you for playing with us!!

Goes vanilla with
new launcher,
full translation,
cmode fix
progression fixes
team points system like what sega had

Memory of the Hero
Troublesome Earthquake
Hide & Seek #2 (event)
Hide & Seek #3 (event)
The Eternal
RAID multi team quest
Ghost Collective #3
Weird Night
Echoes of Regret
Survey Corps #2
Survey Corps #4

Server features & other highlights
Photon Cube
Meseta drop increase for ult monsters
Photon Division (in gallons shop)
Challenge mode Jukebox
Devolution proxy died
Nintendont BBA got fixed
Dolphin got BBA tap-less (Now HLE)
Government Quest Progression in BB and GC

Episode III
Multiple cards fixed
auction added
Tournament almost working
Trading function polished and fixed

Xbox support through Insignia
Cross-play with GC
Trading mags with GC
Fixing Dragon, Sil Dragon, and Gol Dragon fights in cross-play