Mag downgraded overnight

Hello, I've recently started a new account and I've been working on developing a mag for the first time (please don't judge my poor stat decisions, that's not what this is about) and last night I managed to get my Kabanda to evolve into Bana as pictured in this screenshot I took and sent to my friend last night:
Today, however, I logged on to find that not only had my mag lost a defense point, but it had reverted back to Kabanda and lost the Photon Burst that I had evolved it to Bana in the first place to attain AND it was still somehow beyond the level it could potentially have evolved:
Considering I was planning to evolve it into a rare mag as soon as possible, this means I either have to put off that plan (and skew my stats) or just live with the two worthless PBs it has... Any advice?