Patch Center Quest

Hello, we are proud to announce a new quest available for GC.

Patch Center

At launch, this quest will offer Item Loss prevention patch.

The item loss prevention patch is something that will prevent the player from losing their unequipped items in their inventory if they quit improperly or crash.

This is the single most important patch that exists out there.

Follow this video link for more information on the quest.

We will add more patches to this quest as time goes on.

Keep a lookout for updates in the future!

UPDATE as of January 21 2024.

We have added the Decoction patch. Applying this patch allows you to reset your Materials on the use of a Decoction. You can purchase a Decoction in the Photon Lab quest from one of the nurses in the hospital.

NOTE: The Item Loss Prevention patch (or any future patch that is implemented in this quest) are only temporarily applied. They last until you either power off the console OR go into your provider options.