Old Jerk Returned after 20 years

Lets not mince words. I was a jerk to Ives way back in ye olden times. I fussed and roared and growled.

I also found out the guy I'd been paling around with was. Well. the less said the better.

I've been through a heck of a lot between then and now, but to keep it to gaming:

I've given PSO2 a try and.... yes it's very pretty and Big especially compared to Blue Burst/V2, but it just.... doesn't feel like home. I miss F2F runs, complaining about the stupid drop rates, dumb jokes with the picto-chat thing. I dunno if I've got it in me t ogrind out the depressingly silly drops, but if I can warframe? I can come back here.

I'm glad to see this place is still up and going. twenty years is a long damned time in life. In terms of Online? It may as well be as to geologic eras.

I've heard Lutris runs this thing tolerably well.
We're about to find out ya?