Having Trouble connecting to the server

Update2: grabbed a broadband to ethernet adapter and am going to give that a go, will let you guys know if that fixes it on Friday if no one has any ideas! Also thank you in advance to everyone that put this together, I dusted off my wii to add it to my kids tv and found out about the ability to play pso ep3 on the wii using private servers. Looking forward to playing!

Update: So i remembered that old games actually came with instructions! Looked in there and apparently its not giving me the broadband options which would be isp 4 and 5, its just giving me 1, 2 and 3. Anyone else doing this on a wii? Do I have to get a USB to Ethernet port to get the game to recognize i have broadband?

I have gotten to the point of connecting pso episode 3 to the server  but when i go to the network configuration it is giving me a dial-up options instead of broadband, I am using the wii with homebrew channel and devaluation. Any help is appreciated, thank you! 
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