Gamecube Episode I & II Government Quest changes

The Government quests were ported to GC from Blue Burst a long time ago and didn't really serve a purpose unless it was getting a prize from the one of the final quests in a tier. (Ex. 5-5, 6-5, 7-5 etc.) Find the prizes [textlink]here.[/textlink]

Starting on 12/23/22, the government quests will now be unlockable quests through your guild card #, per difficulty. Below are a summary of all the changes made to the government quests:

1. Government quests now have to be unlocked. The progress is saved through your guild card #, so if your characters have matching guild card #s (for Xbox its GamerTag), the progress will be shared.

2. The Government Quest list will show quests based on what is unlocked for the entire team. Ex: If Player 1 has up to 3-3 unlocked, but player 2 only has up to 2-1 unlocked, the list will only show the quests up until 2-1.

3. The already existing prizes have not been altered. A change has been made however where all the players participating in the quest can obtain the prize based on their class, instead of only the first person to speak to Irene for Episode I and Dan/Elly for Episode II.

4. Once you've completed a specific quest once, the next time you play it, you'll be able to skip the beginning dialogue.

5. Progress is written to your guild card once you speak to Tyrell in Episode I, and Natasha in Episode II when the quest is complete.

6. Upon completing 4-5 and 8-3, you'll have a drop bot & ship notification written announcing your achievement.

7. New prizes have been added for completing 4-5 and 8-3 for the first time per difficulty. They are as follows. (They are obtained from the guild counter)

Normal: 1 Special Event Ticket
Hard: 1 Special Event Ticket
Very Hard: 1 Special Event Ticket
Ultimate: 2 Special Event Tickets