Story Characters

Story Characters

Colyn Tyrell

A post with the highest political and military responsibility on the immigration ship Pioneer 2: Assuming the position of governor-general and overseeing the governor-general's office. In terms of personality, he is strict, upright, and fair, and is very popular.

The father of Red Ring Rico, the hero of the Hunters . his wife is already dead. While worrying about the safety of his only daughter, Rico, who has gone missing, you can also get a glimpse of his father's side as he struggles to leave her duties.

On the main planet, he belongs to the government's cardinal organization, and is an old friend of Flowen . There are rumors that he originally had a career as a Hunter, and compared to other high-ranking government officials, he places a lot of trust in the Hunters group.

Rico Tyrell

She is the daughter of Pioneer 2 Governor Tyrell , and is also a very famous scientist and hunter. Her people call her "Red Ring Rico" with her admiration. It all started with her favorite red accessory. Her trademark "red" weapons were made by Flowen for Riko.

Demonstrating her talent since she was a girl, she became a young hunter who followed heroes such as Flowen and Donov (especially among the Hunters as a "daughter" or "idol"), and eventually became a representative of the new generation. I grew up to be a hunter.

After that, he shook off his father Tyrell's restraint and boarded Pioneer 1 with Flowen. Since he has many doctoral degrees in ecology and linguistics, he is involved in surveys of survival adaptation values ​​and terraforming locally. He quickly sensed Ragol's anomaly and established a vigilante group, but that unit was also wiped out by a mysterious explosion. The Pioneer 2 Hunters have confirmed that she tried to lead the successor of Pioneer 2 by leaving a message capsule. Her life and death are unknown.

Heathcliff Flowen

A military hero called "Prince Whitebeard". He is Alicia Baz's adoptive parent and Red Ring Rico 's mentor. At the same time, there are Donov-Baz and Zouk-Miyama as heroes from a generation ago. Together with those two, he belonged to the nation at a young age, and after making numerous military achievements in the military, he became a high-ranking government official.

After that, while learning about the disturbing movements of the main star government, he remained in the government in contrast to the two who ran away, and although he came from the military, he has a strong voice that influences the political center. The Flowen-type weapons still in use by the military today are modeled after those he used when he was active.

Aboard Pioneer 1 as Vice Commander of the Pioneer 1 Army. Current investigations have determined that the death report received before Pioneer 2 reached Ragol's orbit was likely fabricated by someone. Unfortunately, his life and death are unknown.

Dr. Osto

An authority on genetic engineering, bio-optics, and mechanical engineering. He is the Chief of the Pioneer 1 Research Team (Lab Chief). Along with Dr. Montague, he was named as the two giants, with Ost piloting the Pioneer 1 and Montague piloting the Pioneer 2 later. Their representative joint development is "Mag". The series of plans that the two of them jointly carried out was called the "MOTHER Plan" , and that plan would later develop into interventions and conflicts by various organizations, including the military...

Dr. Ost was interested in Ragol's ecosystem, and while researching an unknown life form (D factor) , he secretly reported it to the main planet Coral . It was a study of ecological genetic engineering involving biological experiments such as gene modification. He was fascinated by the new evolutionary system of this unknown life form and devoted himself to his research. A recent investigation revealed that the research experiment had an effect on the malformed lifeforms that now appear in Ragol.

Unfortunately, Dr. Ost himself has already been confirmed dead.

Jean Carlo Montague

A genius scientist who ranks alongside Dr. Ost in his weak teenage years. Although he has an obnoxious demeanor, he himself is not so mean. He is an authority on bioengineering and mechanical engineering, and specializes in photon engineering. He also has the aspect of being a weaponsmith, and is top-class in that field as well. He also holds a PhD in biogenetic engineering, albeit less than Dr. Ost.

Jointly developed "Mag" with Dr. Ost, and also participated in the "MOTHER Project" . However, after Dr. Ost departed for Ragol in Pioneer 1, Montague changed the course of the plan significantly. He used a huge budget to complete the new android "Uruto (prototype)" and "Elnoa Camuel" equipped with emotional AI. It should be noted that the changes to this plan and the introduction of the budget appear to have been carried out under the initiative of the military. For this reason, even on the main planet, Montague's life was completely under the control of the military.

Later, the military planned to carry out the plan on the planet Ragol in time with the departure of Pioneer 2. On the other hand, Montague insists that he will accompany him as a responsible person and board the Pioneer 2. The true intentions behind it include wanting to escape from the state-controlled environment on the main planet, expectations for unknown life forms according to Dr. Ost's report, and interest and pride as a scientist in Elnoa's experiments.

After that, an incident occurred in which military executives robbed the prototype android "Uruto". After this incident, Montague disappeared with the android "Elnor", and the whereabouts of the robbed "Uruto" itself is unknown. Now that Dr. Ost is dead, he is the only person who holds the key to the "MOTHER Project" .

Leo Grahart

Former Space Force Space Mobile Infantry 32nd Squad "WORKS" captain. He is currently a high-ranking government official of Coral's main star "Ten Nations Federation", but he comes from a genuine military family. With his wealth and charisma, he formed "WORKS" within his military.

After that, he steadily expanded his power until he was clearly too powerful. For that reason, the government blocked the movement by raising Leo to a high-ranking official, and further weakened "WORKS" by forcing the influential members of "WORKS" to board Pioneer 1 and divide him from him . Therefore, the "WORKS" in the current Pioneer 2 is overwhelmingly inferior in ability compared to before.

Leo boarded Pioneer 2 with his family and remaining confidants in order to join Pioneer 1's "WORKS" , which can be said to be a private unit, but the plan was forced to change due to an explosion on the surface of Ragol. Currently , he secretly orders the execution of the "MOTHER Plan" by moving the small number of confidants who have accompanied Pioneer 2's "WORKS" , which can be said to be an incompetent group .

His father was the leader of TEAM00, a technical unit unique to the military, but died in an accident during training. There is also a theory that he was assassinated by the government. You can find out your gender.