On the planet "Coral", a near-future civilization was built by mankind. However, a local war breaks out on the planet Coral, and the environment deteriorates at an accelerated pace as it expands and prolongs. The living environment had already reached the point of no return, and was approaching a state where human beings could no longer live. Therefore, the largest force in the Coral nations, the "Ten Nations Federation", decided to advocate a large-scale immigration plan to abandon Coral and emigrate to other planets.

Some time after humankind began searching for a habitable planet, it was reported that one of the unmanned probes "accidentally" discovered a planet with an environment suitable for it, and the Alliance of Ten Nations named this planet "Ragol". naming. The ultra-long-distance interplanetary spacecraft "Pioneer 1", which had been under construction from the beginning of the project, was launched as the advance party and arrived safely at the planet "Ragol" after one year of navigation. The immigrants conducted a survey of Ragol's ecology and surrounding areas, and after confirming safety, began development for full-scale residence. The construction of the "Central Dome", which will serve as a base for daily life, has begun to improve the environment of the surrounding area.

…and 7 years later.

In response to an invitation from "Pioneer 1", which was judged to be habitable, "Pioneer 2" for the purpose of immigration will depart Coral and head straight for Ragol. "Pioneer 2" finally arrived in the satellite orbit, and at the very moment when it was about to open communication with the central dome, a large explosion occurred on the surface of the planet! !

Communication with the Central Dome was cut off, and while anxiety, a sense of crisis, and frustration were mixed within "Pioneer 2," the Governor's Office ordered the Hunters (players) to investigate the surface of Ragol.

Unexplained unknown energy "photon", wild creatures of Ragol, and various laboratories and military organizations that operate in a hurry apart from the Governor's Office... As the backgrounds surrounding them intersect, Hunters (players) will step into the unknown land of Ragol...