Pioneer Project

Mother Earth - The name of a large-scale interplanetary immigration plan proposed due to the environmental degradation of the main star of Coral.

The plan begins with a search for habitable planets. After launching countless unmanned explorers, one of them finally found a planet that met the conditions. The government names the planet Ragol.

After the discovery of Ragol, preparations for launching the "Pioneer 1", an immigrant ship for ultra-long-distance interplanetary navigation, which had been under construction for some time, were immediately organized.

In preparation for the unprecedented situation of immigration to an unknown planet, in addition to the immigrants, we will also decide to accompany the army with state-of-the-art equipment. Military hero Heathcliff Flowen . Furthermore, Dr. Ost, an authority on biogenetic engineering. And the hero of the hunter and scientist, Red Ring "Rico Tyrell" etc. have decided to board. In fact, due to the nature of the mission of "pioneering", most of these first-team boarding crews were elected by the state, and their departure was only announced to the general public.

"Pioneer 1" departs for AUW3076 Ragol. Eventually, the immigrants who arrived at Ragol explored the planet, and for the second immigrants to come, they built the "Central Dome" as a base for living, surveyed the surroundings of the dome, and prepared an environment for immigration. I started.

Seven years later, the Central Dome was completed. It is judged that immigration is possible, and the second group of immigrants, Pioneer 2, will be invited.


A long time ago, mankind searched for and researched the imaginary element ether, which is said to be in the air.

Finally, it was discovered that "the energy that governs all things in the atmosphere is a 'photon' (in other words, the group of energies that exist in the atmosphere are reduced to a single energy called a 'photon'. can also be said).

The greatest achievement of the invention of the "Fonton Generator", a device that reduces the energy group that exists in the atmosphere to the energy of particles called "photons", is in breaking down the finiteness of energy, and this has greatly changed the history of mankind. will change.

After that, accumulation of research and scientific progress made it possible to generate "photons" in various forms. However, at the time of its invention, it was generated using "ore" as the core medium. This is a technique that has been handed down as a tradition among some Photon weapons craftsmen.

It seemed that the invention of "photons" would solve various energy problems and bring peace to the world. However, it has created a new structure in which all nations will further compete in the research and application of "photons", the ultimate energy that has not yet been fully elucidated.

D-Photon Core

Photon technology has made dramatic progress as a result of constant research on the main planet of Coral.

It was a meteorite that caused a big earthquake there.

The meteorite that fell to the surface of Coral had unknown life-form cells attached to it, and a certain amount of energy was detected from those cells. The detected energy is a factor that could not be elucidated or discovered until now, the "D factor".

D-Factor was very similar to the high-tech photons created by mankind. Although photon technology was created, the nature of the energy itself remained unsolved. embarked on research. The photons that humans have come into contact with so far do not have a "will", they just exist as pure energy. However, the D factor has what can be called a so-called "will". It is, so to speak, a will that can be taken as a thirst for evolution.

The greatest feature of the D factor is that it erodes, fuses, splits, transmits, and interferes with everything from simple life forms to artificial life forms. Each organization fights over itself and strives for its research, but human beings are still far from elucidating the D factor. In addition, the technology structured to control this D factor is called "Emotional AI", and the life cells that have been eroded by D factor are called "D cells".

Project MOTHER

Photon technology is indispensable for human life and future human development. Nevertheless, its essence has not been reached by modern science.

Then, suddenly, a meteorite fell on Coral's main planet. An unknown life form cell "D cell" was attached there. The energy (D factor) detected from the cells was very similar to photons...

“Further research on those cells (D cells) attached to meteorites should allow us to approach the real picture of photon energy!”

Talented and greedy scientists scrambled to study the cells, as they were the key to unlocking the mystery of photons. As a result, two genius scientists of our time, Dr. Ost and Montague , created "Mug". But for them, it was just a passing point. The destination of this series of research and experiments was the development of a new life form following the android Newman...

This series of experiments, research, and development plans is called the "MOTHER Project."

However, as a matter of course, this "MOTHER plan" was mixed with various intentions of each organization (government, military, lab, etc...). Ultimate Energy: The results of the elucidation of photons and the birth of new life forms have endless possibilities that could lead to world domination. And that will inevitably develop into conflicts and feuds behind the scenes of each organization. . They didn't choose Ragol by accidental discovery, but out of necessity they were chosen by (something of) Ragol...