Battle System

Once you step in Ragol you will find a huge variety of monsters, and while sometimes the best offense is a direct attack, there are some monsters that requires another approach to be defeated, yet, it can all be acomplished by just mastering the battle controls such as follows:

Actions while Attacking Enemies

The staple of the game is the player being able to attack the monster in combinations of 3 consecutive attacks, on top of having high mobility to avoid getting swarmed by monsters, there are some caveats depending on the kind of weapon your character wields as we explain below:

  • Attack with Weapon /Guns
    • There are 3 types of attack in the game (Normal Attack, Heavy Attack and Special Attack) depending on the weapon you are using different kinds of Special Attacks may or may not be available to use, however the constants are Normal Attack and Heavy Attack set by default in your Action Pallete, mastering the timings between button presses and the combination between these two is an essential part to be able to deal the maximum damage as possible in this game.
  • Attack with Techniques
    • Certain characters are able to use Techniques which are elemental spells which have different properties while attacking, to compensate with the lack of Normal/Heavy attacks like using a Melee or Ranged weapon some Techniques are able to attack a single target or several targets by casting it, some of the area attacks are limited to a specific area, or are able to 'chase' the enemy across all the room as well.
  • Items Recovery / Tools
    • Monomate (HP Recovery Item) and Monofluids (TP Recovery Item) are the most basic items you can get, there are stronger versions of these two offering bigger recovery properties, you will be able to find special items that can cure different ailments such as Poison, Paralysis, Weakness, etc. Theres also tools such as the Telepipe that allow you to set a teleport to return to the City at any point in the game.

About Death

Dying in the game is inevitable sometimes, and while is never fun when it happens there are still a posibility to continue playing, so once your character dies you have a few options.
  • If you press Yes...

    • On one side a prompt will automaticaly appear asking you if you wish to go back to Pioneer 2, this is the common option to select if you are playing alone.
  • If you press No...

    • Pressing no will remove the prompt and you will see your character laying down death, if someone is in a party with you they can resurrect you on the spot by using a Moon Atomizer, a Technique called Reverser or by chaining a Mag's Photom Blast at the correct time.

About Penalty

While theres no a penalty for dying losing your meseta, weapons, items like in previous iterations of the game, in PSOBB you will incur a small EXP penalty every time you die, so it's important to stay alert regardless of your surroundings specially at the higher levels.