City Areas

Upon creating a new Team from the Visual Lobby you will be teleported into the Hunter's Guild of the Main City Area, the City area is a staging area offering a variety of services and facilities to help you prepare your hunts down in Ragol, the functions of all these different facilities in the city will be explained below:

Mayor Area / Lab Room

In these areas you can start the Quests of the Main Storylines of PSO BB, it's also important to note you will have to complete these in order to open the other game areas for free exploration later in the game. In addition to getting to know the main PSO story, we also recommend completing these quests to level up your character in the most efficient way as they will give you a good Experience boost adjusted and special useful weapons as Rewards after completing certain ones.

Hunter's Guild

The Pioneer 2's Hunter's Guild offer a different set of Quests more tailored for specific hunts and challenges in the game, there are several categories and several kinds of quests from simple quests where you have to anniquilate many monsters to more simple leisure quests such as mini games in the Forest area and more.

During seasonal events this place also includes special bonus quests related to the specific season, such as quests for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween

Shopping District / Tekker

The Shopping District area includes a Weapon Shop offering you a variety of weapons that increases in rarity and strength as you level and unlock new areas, an Item Shop offering a wide array of recovery items and useful tools and an Armor Shop which offers a huge variety of Armor, Shields and Units to increase your defense powers.

There's also another mysterious store called the Tekker which will allow you to identify rare items, in PSO when a monster drop a rare weapon this weapon name will appear as (???) meaning that needs to be identified to be able to access it's special skills and stats, this is where the Tekker helps you out.

Checking Room

The Check Room also known commonly as the "Bank" allows you to store your Meseta and Items, you are limited to a maximum amount of 999,999 meseta and 200 items per character.

Certain items such as a Monomate can be stacked in groups of 9 so they will take 1 slot of your 200 slots for example.

Medical Center

The Medical center replenishes your HP and TP (if you are not an Android), and also restores your Trap stock (If you are an Android).

Every time you return to Ragol from a hunt it's recommened to make this your first stop. Specially if you are a Force.

Main Teleport Gate

The Teleport Gate area is where you adventure truly begins, from here you access to all the wild areas in Ragol to begin your hunts, the starting areas might vary between quests but this gate is always the starting point for all the quests in the game.