Team System

The Team System introduced exclusively in PSO BB allows for yet another way to interact with other players, this system allows for a centralized space where players can invite other players sharing common goals in the game and unlock a variety of extra benefits together, on top of being able to communicate at all times via the private team chat menu (F9). This system is similar to the Guild system found in many online games.

Founding a Team

Upon accessing the Information Counter at the Visual Lobby and selecting the Team option you can create your very own team, you will initially be asked to set a name for your Team which will be displayed on top of all the players that belong to your team. So it's important to choose a name carefully.

After completing this step and your Team is created. You will automaticaly become the Team Master, your initial Team will be limited to only 10 players you can invite at first and additionaly you can appoint up to 2 Team Leaders as well.

Team Hierarchy

The Team system follows a specific hierarchy which divides the members into three main sections, Masters, Leaders and Common Members, we will explain those in more details below:

  • Master

    • Identified by their Red color in the team list (F8), there can be only a single member of the team a team master, this role is the Leading role of the team and is able to adjust Team parameters such as purchasing extra team benefits such as extending the member cap, team quests, team flags, etc. On top of being able to dismiss/invite new members and promote/demote current team members to Leader or Master status.
  • Leader

    • Identified by their Blue color in the team list (F8), the team leader is a sub leader position that can compensate in times when the team master is not available, and their functions are limited mostly to inviting and dismissing members only.
  • Common Member

    • Identified by their White color in the Team List (F8), common members are all the normal players you've invited to the team that share a common goal with you, still they are an important part of their team as you will need them to help you gather Team Points to unlock more benefits for the team as a Team Master.

Master Menu

As we previously explained the Team System can be extended by the Team Master purchasing a variety of extensions that benefits the team members as a whole, to access this system the Team Master must access the Master Menu within the Team menu in the Information Counter of the Lobby.

  • Team Management

    • Options to Invite, Dismiss, Promote and Demote team members to Leader Status as well as having the posibility to transter the Team Leadership to another member of the team at any time.
  • Team Benefits

    • Opens the Team Shop where the Team Master can purchase with Team Points different benefits for the team, such as access to the Dressing Room, Unique Team Quests, Member Cap extensions, Items, etc.
  • Team Flag Records

    • Allows you to set a visible unique flag icon that will be displayed on top of each one of your members when they are in the lobby allowing other players to know about your team and advertising your team to other possible new players to join.

About Team Points

All the members of a Team must gather Team Points by salvaging unwanted rare weapons for 10 Team Points a piece, you can salvage by accessing their Main Menu (F12) -> Team -> Point Register.

Team Flag Considerations

In order to load your own Team Flag it must be a BMP file of 32x32 pixels, with the filename "flag.bmp" and must be saved into the route of the game client at C:\PHANTASY STAR ONLINE Blue Burst\teamflag You can create your flag using any Image Editor software that has BMP exporting capabilities such as Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, etc. It is possible to create a flag with transparent elements, just make sure those elements are colored totally black R:0, G:0, B:0 or #000000. Then they will be totally transparent in game, try unique combinations! Common sense is important while creating your own flag as it will be publicly displayed we ask you refrain of creating flags containing vulgar/obscene elements, otherwise a Ban for the Team Master might be issued, the Flag will be deleted and their Team Points will be reset back to 0.