Action Pallete

All the actions you can do in the field (Attacking, Techniques, Items) can be placed into your Action Pallete located at the bottom right corner of your screen, this a multi use tool that you can customize to your own liking to make your battle experience more enjoyable, you can also press the CTRL key to access another subset of your pallete with 3 more slots ramping up the total to up to 6 slots you can access anytime.

Customizing your Action Pallete

By accessing your main menu (F12) then heading to "Customize" you access the pallete customization screen, over here you will be presented with a list of all the possible actions you can set to your pallete, from normal attacks, to each one of the items you might have.
  • Pallete Swap
    • By default you begin to edit the first 3 slots of your pallete, but if you press CTRL in this screen you will be also granted access to edit your 3 backup slots as well.
  • Replacing / Deleting Slots
    • If you find yourself in a situation where you wish to leave a pallete slot blank you can do so by assigning an action twice to the same slot.
  • Wrapping Up
    • Once you are done just press the BACKSPACE or ESC key and your pallete customizations will be ready to use.

The Action Shorcut Bar

In the same customize screen we explained earlier if you are in a situation the original 6 slots arent enough for you, you can use the Shorcut Bar to assign more actions, the Shorcut Bar is exclusive to PSO BB and allows you to bind the number keys 1~0 of to certain actions increasing your total pallete to 16 slots.

In order to assign a item to a number in the cuztomize menu scroll to the desired item/action/tech and press the number key you want to bind it into, you will notice that number key displayed next to the action icon itself.

This shorcut bar is extremelly useful if you plan to play as a Force character since you can have access to all your techniques in one spot at the press of a button.