Guild Card

The Guild Card is a system to keep track of the players you play and interact with while playing PSO BB, it is essentialy the Friend List system of the game, you can access the main guild card menu by going to your Main Menu (F12) -> Chat -> Guild Card. We will explain all the options in more detail below.

MY Card

The MY Card option allows you to adjust your personal Card, by adding a custom comment and sending it to other players.
  • Send

    • Allows you to send your card to another player, a list will appear prompting you to select to character to deliver your card to.
  • Write Comment

    • Allows you to write a custom comment in your card that will be visible to anyone receiving it, its another way to further customize your card.

Card List

Card List displays a list of all the cards you've received from other players, helps you to keep track of the people you had played and exchanged cards with, upon selecting one you will access another subset of options we will explain below:

  • Search

  • Allows you to search for this specific player, if the player is online somewhere a Magnifying Glass Icon will appear at the top of your screen.

  • View Comment

    • Allows you to view comments you've set in other players cards.
  • Write a comment

    • Allows you to write a comment to further identify a specific player card, for example you can write down this player extra characters in this space.
  • Sort

    • You can sort the cards of the players you've met with this option.
  • Delete

    • Deletes the card, however, if your friend still has your card they can still contact you regardless you delete theirs or not.

Search Results

In the previous section we've explained the Search function allowing you to check the status of a certain player registered in your guild card list, upon using this function and if the player is currently online in the game a magnifying glass will appear on the top of the screen. This means the player is online and you can verify their location via this menu.

Selecting the character you found, will display a box showing their location, lobby, block and party name (if they are currently playing) and upon pressing their name you will access the following options:

  • Send a Mail

    • Allows you to compose a short mail to this player such as letting them now if they are ready to play with you.
  • Meet this player

    • Teleports you instantly to the Lobby and Block this player is currently hunting. We previously explained Ships are divided in Blocks and Lobbies, this feature comes handy when theres a situation with a Ship with many blocks inside.

Block Sender List

In any online game there might be situations you will find players you dont want to play with or that makes you feel unconfortable, while we hope this option is never used you can Blacklist those players. It is important to point out that while you can Blacklist players the Blacklist system only blocks their chat messages and symbol arts on your screen, they can still see your character walking in the lobby and they can join your games, and they can still your text messages/symbol arts if they havent Blacklisted you too. If you want further privacy just set a party with a password.

  • Block Senders List

    • As the name implies, displays a list of the players you previously blacklisted and then by selecting a name allows you to remove the block if needed.
  • Add to the list

    • Adds a player to the black list, it can be done by Guild Card if you already have their cards, by Mail if you received an unwanted mail or directly selecting from a list of online users currently present in the lobby or party room.