Character Creation

In the world of PSO BB players create the own characters which will be their avatars in the game, t

Each PSO BB Id is granted access to 4 slots to create your own characters, details related to the character creation are explain in detail below.

The Classes and Races of PSO BB

PSO BB Characters are separated between 3 races (Humans, Newmans and Androids) and then, they are further separated by 12 possible Classes they can become, each class has their own Strengths and Weaknesses. The character's main Stats ATA (Attack Power), DFP (Defense Power), ATA (Accuracy), MST (Tech Power), EVP (Evasion Power), LCK (Luck) are also slightly different depending on the gender of the character as well.

Refer to the following infographic to understand this relationship better:

Character Refinements / Assign a Name

As you progress through the character creation you can further refine the looks of your character by changing parameters such as their main Costume, Skin Color, Hair Style and even general Proportions to make a truly unique character. Once you are done proceed to choose a name for your character.

Finishing your character and adquiring a Section ID

Upon deciding for a name for your character the game will automaticly assign you a Section ID based on the letter/number combination of your name.

About Section ID's

Section ID's are unique colored badges assigned to each character in PSO which will dictate the kind of rare drops they can find, in a similar fashion to games like Pokemon, certain ID's can find items that others can not, thus, allowing for exchange of rare items between players, there are 8 section ID's in total.