Simple Mail

Another way to communicate with players is via the Simple Mail System which you can access via your Main Menu (F12) -> Chat -> Simple Mail, this system allows you to send short mails to other players in the lobby. We will explain in further detail below:

Receiving / Composing Mails

Upon receiving a mail from another player you will be notified by a chime and a little mail envelop icon that will appear at the top of your screen, you can then access to the Received Mail to check the contents of all the mails you have. Upon selecting one of the mails you can also:
  • Reply back

    • Write a short reply message to the mail.
  • Search for the player

    • Like the explained in the previous section, if the player is online you can find their details on the Guild Card -> Search Results menu.
  • Delete

    • Deletes the mail

Answering Machine Service

Like a real answering machine, you can set a predefine message that will be sent as a mail to other players when you are offline, for example you can set a message to let the user know the times of a day you are most likely to be playing. In this section you have two options after setting your initial message
  • Answer ON/OFF

    • Enables or disables the Answering Machine Service
  • Change Response

    • Allows you to edit the answering machine message at any time.