Chat System

One of the main ways of communication PSO BB offers is the Chat which allows to share simple text messages depicted via text bubbles with other players, and another more visual one called the Symbol Chat to convey short messages or emotions and can be edited at will

Text Chat

Upon pressing the SPACE key at any point in the game a text cursor will appear at the lower left side of your screen allowing you to type any message, then just pressing the ENTER key sends it and it's shown to all the players on the screen as a speech bubble.

Chat Shorcuts

It is possible to also set small chat shorcuts for more common messages via the Shorcut menu, accessing your main menu (F12) -> Chat -> Shorcuts. Over here you can set a predefined message and assign it to any of your Function keys for quick access. Afterwards you can trigger these shorcuts by pressing the combination of the SHIFT key + F1 ~ F2 keys.

Symbol Chat

The Symbol Chat is a system allowing for further player expression during the communication, they are customizable emotes that you can build from the ground up, and just like the normal text chat, the symbol arts will be displayed to any of the players present on the screen.

To access them all you need to do is to press the END key (Or the button/key set to the upper button of your action pallete) and the Word Select window will appear by default, if you press TAB at this point you will switch over to the Symbol Chat list, then just select the one you want and it will be shown on the screen.

Action Assigned Key
Move Parts 【↑】【↓】【←】【→】
Set Parts 【Enter】
Cancel 【Backspace】/【Esc】
Pair Set ON/OFF 【P】
Color 【C】
Flip Horizontal 【Tab】
Flip Vertical 【Ctrl】

To edit your symbol arts you just need to open the main menu (F12) and navigate to Chat -> Symbol Arts then select the one you wish to edit or select one of the free slots to create your very own one from scratch, then the Symbol Art editor will open, refer to the following table for basic operation of this function.

Face Type

  • Change

    • Allows you to change the shape of the face between 4 different variations, you can also change the color.
  • Copy

    • Allows you to copy the contents from another symbol art into a new slot for quicker edits or to create variations of the same face.
  • Capture

    • Allows you to capture the Symbol Arts made by other players, by default capture will paste the last Symbol Art that was shown on the screen by another player.

Adding New Parts

  • Face Parts

    • Allows you to add parts such as eyes, nose, mouth, hands, etc.
  • Object Parts

    • Allows you to add Badges and Symbols alongside very short messages to further decorate your Symbol Art.

Parts Edit

  • Move Parts

    • Allows you to adjust the position/orientation of already placed parts.
  • Delete Parts

    • Allows you to delete one or more parts to refine your Symbol
  • Delete All

    • Deletes the whole symbol and returns to an unused blank state. This cannot be undone.
  • Sound Effect

    • Assign a special sound effect to your symbol art
  • Capture

    • Set it to TRUE/FALSE if your symbol art can be captured by other players
  • Register Symbols

    • Sets a custom name for your symbol art.