The MAG is a mysterious armor support unit that will be floating always near the player's shoulder. It helps you in various situations during your adventure such as supporting you by increasing your "Base Stats" and the usage of ultimate attacks called "Photom Blasts". You can grow your MAG by giving it items you don't need and by doing so it becomes an even more powerful armor unit.

Accessing your Mag Menu

Open your Main Menu (F12) then select "Item Bag" -> "Mag" -> "Give Item" it will allow you to select an item from your inventory to feed your mag, you can only feed your mag with recovery items or tools (all the green boxes) and depending on the combinations of items you give your mag one or more parameters might increase. Mags parameters are DEF, POW, DEX, MIND

Evolving Your Mag

As a smart unit the MAG is able to evolve on it's on, depending on the kinds of item you fed it will change the evolution path of the mag. For example if your feed your mag with Monomates these tend to increase parameters such as POW/DEF perfect for Melee classes whereas Monofluids increase MIND which are ideal for Force users.

Normal mags can evolve up to 3 times, and if you feed your mag in a specific combination it's possible to unlock a 4th special evolution.

Photom Blast

Photom Blast is an action that summons a Photon Guardian called "Photon Mirage", your mag can learn up to 3 different Photon Blasts with different mirages and effects.

  • There are 6 types of Mirages

    • There are types that increases your stats, grants you attack bonuses, kill many enemies at once.
  • Adquiring Mirages

    • Every time your mag evolve you adquire 1 guardian for your mag up to 3
  • Building Photon Meter

      1. By attacking monsters or by receiving damages from monster you will begin to build up photon meter, you can see it accumulate at the orb at top left of your screen.
    1. When the photon blast gauge reaches 100% your action pallete actions will be replaced with icons depicting the guardians you are available to summon on the spot.
    2. It is possible to chain photom blasts with other players, by chaining attacks up to 4 players the attack boosts you can receive are greatly increased, ideal for bosses or emergency situations.